Posted on Feb 25, 2012

Dan Kennedy, the original Renegade Millionaire, is launching a product that is sure to be an amazing success. He is going to deliver personal, timely training on how YOU can become the next Renegade Millionaire in this “recession”. There really isn’t much more that I need to say about the program – Dan will tell you everything you need to know so make sure you click the link below and check out the free training. The rest of this page is dedicated to showing you how I am going to help you learn from Dan and have an even more successful business by using my Renegade Millionaire Bonus or more specifically my Recession Made Renegade Millionaire bonus.

There will be a series of training videos and webinars when the launch starts on February 27 and the training will open up on March 5. I’m not going to spend any more time on a Renegade Millionaire review because there will be a lot of information about that when the launch starts. Click Here to watch the free training videos when they become available on December 4.


Renegade Millionaire Bonus – $2948 Recession Made Renegade Millionaire Bonus Package


Bonus #1 – Apple iPad 3 – 64 GB w/3G & WiFi (value $829)


I probably don’t need to tell you this, but the world has gone wireless and the Apple iPad2 is the ultimate extension of that wireless lifestyle. Using the iPad, you can view all the training and run your new business anywhere in the world. I want to make sure you can be successful anywhere in the world so I am giving you the 64 GB iPad that has 3G capability (this is the top of the line model). Assuming the iPad 3 is available and the price is the same, I will get you that or I will get you the iPad 2 if that is what you prefer. If you already have an iPad or just want something else, I will buy you an $800 Amazon Gift Card and you can get anything you want. Bottom line: I WILL spend $800 on your bonus!


Bonus #2 – Local Marketing System Training Course (value $499)


Online marketing is the single best way to promote any business. It is cheaper, faster, and more effective than traditional advertising. I created a complete training program that will help any business dominate local marketing. This program is on sale right now at Clickbank and if you sign up there and want to be a premium member for one year, it will literally cost you $499. I am going to give you a free copy to help grow your business (or make money helping other businesses).

By the way, this is brand new, just released training that is applicable to today’s online marketing world. It is NOT some old, out dated training that was put together years ago that doesn’t have any relevance today’s world. If you want to learn a bit more about the training program I am going to give you, just head over to and check it out. You can even buy it right now if you want.


Bonus #3 – Local Marketing System Lifetime Membership (value $1620)


Not only am I going to give you access to my new local marketing training course for a year, I am going to give you a lifetime membership. I am selling this for $27 a month right now and the price will probably go up in the future. In theory, the value of this bonus is infinite, but I figured if you stayed a member for 5 years, it would cost you $1620.

This membership gives you access to me and the growing community of real world business owners that are all learning how to dominate the search engines and grow profitable businesses. This is an amazing way to learn from and interact with others who are interested in making money using the internet. This one really is priceless.


Claiming Your Renegade Millionaire Bonus


If you are going to get a bonus from me, I have to get credit for your purchase. As soon as I get paid (after the refund period), I will buy your iPad (or other bonus) and send it to you. As far as the training, I will give you access to that as soon as the launch is over. Please follow the steps below to ensure you get your bonus. You do not have to contact me before buying, but please let me know if you have any questions.

If you purchase the whole program up front, I will send you the bonus as soon as I get paid after the refund period passes (this is usually about 45 days). If you purchase through a payment plan, I cannot buy your bonus until I get enough commission to cover the cost so it will take a little longer. You still get your bonus and I will get it to you as soon as I can, but since I will physically be purchasing your bonus with the commission I get, I have to wait until I can cover the cost. This is standard for any physical bonus anybody is giving out.

If you have already looked at the program through a different website or link, please follow the directions below or contact me at david.vanbergen(at) so we can make sure you get my fantastic bonus offer.

If you live outside the United States, we will have to make special arrangements, but you will still get your full bonus. I have found that U.S. iPads don’t work well outside the United States so I don’t want to send you something that doesn’t work. It certainly isn’t a problem – I just have to do a little more work to make sure you get your choice of $800 bonuses. The training still gets delivered right away.

Now, let’s talk about how to claim your bonus.

  • Clear cookies on your computer then Click Here to go to the Renegade Millionaire website.
  • Enter your information on the Renegade Millionaire site to Opt-In to the videos. If you have already opted-in through another page, you will need to opt-in with a different email address so you are attached to my link. This is very important because I need to get credit for your purchase if I am going to buy you a bonus.
  • Make sure you do not use somebody else’s link after this otherwise I may not get credit.
  • Make your purchase when the cart opens.
  • Forward copy of your order confirmation to david.vanbergen(at)
  • Tell me what bonus you want when you send me your order confirmation.
  • I will take care of the rest.


Why Choose My Renagade Millionaire Bonus?


The first reason you should consider my bonus is because it will make you more successful. Sure you could get a bunch of public domain graphic packs and out-dated training worth $12,943, but you will probably never even look at most of it and what you do look at you will realize it is low quality or completely obsolete. My bonus is designed to compliment the program without taking away your focus.

Second, I am not new at this. In fact, I have been recognized in multiple launches that I promoted as being one of the leading affiliates (click here for more info). I am not one of the top 5, but that only means I am able to keep in touch with you on an individual basis. I did take the second half of last year off from promoting launches to develop the Local Marketing System training so you won’t see any distinctions recently, but I think that is going to change this time around.

The last reason you should buy through my link: I am giving out the Best Renegade Millionaire Bonus bar none. If you think there is a better offer out there, let me know and I will match it – just email me at david.vanbergen(at) or use the Contact Us form.

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