Posted on Jul 5, 2012

I just heard about a new app building product called Skybuilder. It is opening up for pre-launch on July 5 with the product going on sale on July 10. I just finished putting together my bonus package. It is a combination of extra training that will help you build your business as well as a physical product which blows away any other bonus I have seen.

The product itself is going to be sold in 2 ways. There will be a one-time payment option and there will be a monthly payment option. If you choose the one time payment option, I will take care of the physical bonus as soon as the refund period passes and I get paid. If you choose the monthly payment option, you will have to stay a member for 6 months before you earn the physical bonus. In both cases, I will give you the extra training portion as soon as you purchase.

This will be my 3rd launch in the last 2 months so I have gotten really good at offering the best bonus on the internet. I do this by combining a cool techie gadget to help you with your business with some great, up-to-date supplementary training that will help you grow your business faster. I really think you will appreciate this offer. Click Here to make your purchase and get started.


Skybuilder Bonus – $2318 Bonus Package


Bonus #1 – Apple iPod Touch (value $199)


I am going to start out my bonus with a super cool 8 GB iPod Touch. Please note, this is not a drawing where 1 person in 20 gets an iPod – EVERYBODY GETS AN IPOD! If you don’t want an iPod for some reason, just let me know and I will get you something else of similar value – a Kindle Fire is another popular choice.

Please don’t fall for one of the “drawing” bonuses. Seriously, would you rather have a 1 in 20 chance for an iPod or iPad or a guaranteed $200 iPod Touch or other gadget of your choosing? I know which way I would go. I think the saying goes something like “a bird in the hand is worth . . . ”


Bonus #2 – Local Marketing System Training Course (value $499)


Online marketing is the single best way to promote any business. It is cheaper, faster, and more effective than traditional advertising. I created a complete training program that will help any business dominate local marketing. This program is on sale right now at Clickbank and if you sign up there and want to be a premium member for one year, it will literally cost you $499. I am going to give you a free copy to help grow your business (or make money helping other businesses).

Skybuilder is going to help you create products, but if you want a real, sustainable business, you have to market it. With this training, you will learn everything you need to know to dominate local search results which can drive customers to any business. Heck, you could combine this knowledge with your app creation abilities and make a ton of money working with businesses in your local area.

By the way, this is brand new, just released training that is applicable to today’s online marketing world. It is NOT some old, out dated training that was put together years ago that doesn’t have any relevance today’s world. If you want to learn a bit more about the training program I am going to give you, just head over to and check it out. You can even buy it right now if you want.


Bonus #3 – Local Marketing System Lifetime Membership (value $1620)


Not only am I going to give you access to my new local marketing training course for a year, I am going to give you a lifetime membership. I am selling this for $27 a month right now and the price will probably go up in the future. In theory, the value of this bonus is infinite, but I figured if you stayed a member for 5 years, it would cost you $1620.

This membership gives you access to me and the growing community of real world business owners that are all learning how to dominate the search engines and grow profitable businesses. This is an amazing way to learn from and interact with others who are interested in making money using the internet. This one really is priceless.


Claiming your bonus is super simple.

  • First, let me know if you have any questions by emailing us at: david.vanbergen @ (remove the spaces). You can also use the Contact Us form by clicking here
  • The next part is super important. I need to get credit for your purchase in order to give you the bonus so clear cookies on your computer then Click Here to Place Your Order.
  • Forward the purchase confirmation / receipt to david.vanbergen @ (remove the spaces) so I can verify the purchase. I should get an email confirming your order, but sending my a confirmation helps make sure I can match up orders to bonuses.
  • I will take care of the rest – this includes coordination of your bonus and getting it delivered to you.

Please let me know if you have any questions. You can use the Contact Form or just email me directly: david.vanbergen @ (remove the spaces). I look forward to working with you and helping you get the best Skybuilder Bonus available!

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